Men's Club Match Play




  • Each match play participant is guaranteed three matches. There are four pools of four players.  There is a round robin in each pool.  The winner of each pool will play a semi-final match with the winners of the semi-finals playing in the match play final.
  • Round robin matches may end in a tie.  One point is awarded for a win and a half point awarded for a tie.  The highest point total in each pool after the round robin advances to the semi-finals.  If two or more players are tied in a pool after the round robin, tie breaker matches will be played.
  • RCGA match play rules apply.
  • Matches are handicapped using the current handicap of each player as of the date of the match. 
  • The lower net score on a hole wins the hole. (RCGA Rule 2-1)
  • Combining match play with stroke play is not permitted. (RCGA Rule 33-1)
  • Matches may be played on any day of the week.  If the match is played on a Wednesday, the match participants are not participants in the Wednesday games.  See combining match play with stroke play above.
  • Either blue tees or white tees may be used.  Participants must agree on which tees to use prior to the start of the match.
  • The list of match play opponents is shown on the Mill Woods Men’s Golf Club bulletin board.
  • Participants are responsible for scheduling their matches.  Round robin matches may be played in any order.  Round robin matches should be completed by June 30th
  • Contact the match play coordinator if you are unable to schedule your match.
  • Inform the match play coordinator with the results of each match.
  • Match play coordinator – Mike Perron, 780.271.6394 –