Men's Club Points Race

2015 Season Long Points Race
The season long point’s race is designed to reward participation as well as quality of play.
Prizes will be awarded monthly as well as an end of season final winner.
The points will be awarded in the following manner:
Wednesday Nights:
 -  For each Wednesday night games you participate in you will be awarded 100 points. You must turn in a score card in order to receive these participation points.
 -  Each proximity prizes, will receive 25 points.
 -  The top 5 low gross winners in each flight will be awarded first in the following manner:
  •   1st = 100 pts. 2nd = 90 pts. 3rd = 80 pts. 4th=70 pts. 5th=60 pts.
Then the remaining top 10 low net prizes are awarded as follows:
  •  -  1st = 100 pts. 2nd = 90 pts. 3rd = 80 pts.
  •   4th = 70 pts. 5th = 60 pts. 6th = 50 pts.
  •  - 7th = 40 pts. 8th = 30 pts. Etc. for top 10
You will not receive points for Low Gross and Low Net in the same night.
Ties are totaled and divided equally amongst the winners.
 - Points will be awarded in the following tournaments: Ryder Cup, Masters, Club Championship, and 4 Man Scramble. The final Wednesday night wind up will be considered a Tournament Day.
 -  Participation Points will be awarded at 250 points per Tournament day, IE. Ryder cup = 2 day Tournament @ 250 points per day.
Total participation points awarded = 500 pts. per player.  Masters Tournament is a one day event so the total participation points available here is 250.   Club championship 2 days = 500 pts.   4 Man Scramble 1 day = 250 pts.   Final Wednesday night 250 participation points will be awarded as opposed to the regular 100 point Wednesdays.
 - Skill prizes in all tournaments, will receive 25 points
Top finishers in each flight will be awarded based on their cash prize
  •  -  1st place gets $100 GC = 100 points
  •  - 2nd gets $80 = 80 points
  •  - Etc.
 - Ryder Cup points will be awarded on this same basis (winning side receives higher payout = higher points).
The point’s race will begin on opening night in May. Watch the bulletin board and Website for updated standings.
2015 Points Race PLAY OFFS
 - At the end of August the TOP 50 point accumulators will make the PLAY OFFS.
 - These TOP 50 individuals will have their points reset to ZERO for the first week in September, and you will start accumulating fresh the first week of September.
 - For everyone that did not make the PLAY OFFS, you will no longer accumulate Points.
 - Each week the Bottom 10 will be dropped, until the club wind up night when we will be down to the top 10 players (and Ties) each with a chance to win it all.