Rules & Dress Code

The intention of providing rules of conduct for the Mill Woods Golf Course is to establish a procedure to protect facilities, services, staff and patrons from the dangerous or abusive behavior of others. Such action is not to be confused with vandalism and/or other criminal offenses in which the first course of action is to solicit police assistance.

Abusive or undesirable behavior is behavior which does not benefit the public use of the Mill Woods Golf Course facilities, services, or staff in any respect and which may cause damage to individual or public property or impair the operation of the facility.

No person while within the confines of the Mill Woods Golf Course shall:

Litter, deface horticultural growth, climb trees, deface property, tamper with fixtures, commit disorderly conduct, park or drive a vehicle (including power carts) in undesignated areas, drive a power cart in a reckless manner, loiter on the golf course, use profanity or verbally abuse other individuals, play on the golf course without permission of the Pro Shop staff or without proper equipment, commit or be involved in acts involving verbal abuse, physical abuse and/or physical fighting.

Futhermore: Any supervisor or management staff shall exclude any person form the Mill Woods Golf Course whose conduct is considered undesirable.

Alberta liquor laws and regulations prohibit our guests form bringing their own alcohol onto the Mill Woods Golf Course.

Dress codes are in effect during all regulation and tournament play. No gym shorts or cut-offs. No tank tops, spaghetti strap t-shirts, halter tops, muscle shirts or half shirts. Golf Shorts and Golf Shirts are considered acceptable attire.