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The Golf Course

The Course at Mill Woods Golf Club

Mill Woods Golf Course is operated by MCARFA (Mill Woods Cultural and Recreational Facility Association), who’s mandate is to build and operate recreational and cultural facilities for the Mill Woods Community and the City of Edmonton.

In the 1980’s, the City of Edmonton was the main developer of the community of Mill Woods. At that time, the Mill Woods Golf Course was to be developed by the City of Edmonton. Because of financial restraints, the Golf Course development and operation was offered to MCARFA. MCARFA had worked with the city to develop the arenas at the Mill Woods Recreation Center. MCARFA took over operation of the Mill Woods Golf Course in June 1989. MCARFA also kept up it’s mandate of developing community facilities by developing the track at the Campus Site by the High Schools in Mill Woods, resurfacing of the tennis courts, developing the $4.2 million dollar Jackie Parker Recreation Area and in 2003, building the 3-B (Blade, Bike, Board) Park for the Mill Woods Community.

MCARFA has been successfully providing recreational services to our community for over 45 years. Our emphasis has always been on quality.

The Mill Woods Golf Course is the first facility that has been operated by MCARFA. MCARFA appoints members to the Mill Woods Golf Course Operating Committee, which meets with the Director of Golf, Business Manager and Superintendent to manage the facility. The Operating Committee’s mandate is to be known for our excellent product and friendly, helpful service.

Mill Woods Golf Course very deeply wishes to provide the best Golfing experiences and facilities to our customers and the friendliest, cheeriest and most enthusiastic Customer Service.